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Care for cramps and help your hormones

Big moods, low battery? Is everything feeling wrong? Is everyone annoying you? Welcome to THAT time of the month!

The emotions we experience during our cycle are no joke. They can often cause wild mood swings for some menstruators.

Why does this happen? You guessed it: hormones. How does this happen? It’s due to a drop in estrogen and progesterone and a decrease in serotonin, otherwise known as the happy hormone. So basically, period emotions are down to chemicals. On top of this revelation, we’re also pleased to tell you that these emotions aren’t all bad. In fact, they are totally normal. Because VitaminMe gets all the science behind this, and we know a thing or two about effective remedies, we encourage you not to judge yourself for feeling all the feels. Allow yourself to let it all out and cry if you need to.

Listen to your body and mind your mood

Don’t ignore what’s happening with your body and the things, it needs throughout the month. Hearing what your body has to say is one of the best sources of intel we have on our health and wellness: when it comes to skin, moods, energy levels, and cravings, you are able to adapt your habits for a better cycle.

You can make certain lifestyle changes that can help alleviate PMS mood swings. These are:

 Managing stress

 Getting good quality sleep (at least 7 hours/night)

Practicing mindful breathing and meditation

Eating foods that help increase serotonin, such as salmon, eggs, spinach, and seeds

Low-impact exercises like yoga or walking

 Chamomile tea at night helps combat cramps and with sleep

Avoid or limit fatty foods, alcohol, caffeine, and salty foods

Also, when it comes to suffering from low energy levels, it’s time to round up all the R’s: rest, rebalance, reset, and recharge.

PMS Support + Hormone Balance by VitaminMe

This is a female-forward supplement, formulated just for you. It contains a blend of natural ingredients, that reduce symptoms experienced during menstruation while helping restore your hormonal equilibrium, leaving you feeling like a new woman.

Our formula combines Chaste Tree, St. John’s Wort and Dong Quai that:

Relieves PMS symptoms

Reduces menstrual cycle irregularity

Promotes healthy hormone balance

Once you’ve wrapped your head around how PMS affects you, and you start making small changes that help with the bigger PMS-alleviating picture, you’ll feel more confident in both your mind and body.

Remember you’re not alone, every woman around the globe has at one stage or another felt the lows of fluctuating hormones. Turn to the right supplements and vitamins to find a healthy balance and live your best life, to its fullest.