Return & Refund Policy

  1. Although Vitaminme shall endeavour as far as reasonably possible to complete the Goods for the Customer’s receipt by any agreed date of delivery or within any agreed time period, Vitaminme shall not be held liable for any loss or damage, of whatsoever cause and howsoever arising in the event of any reasonable delay.

  2. On delivery, the Customer shall be required to sign a proof of delivery document as confirmation of receipt.

  3. All Goods are subject to availability at the time of the Order.

  4. Vitaminme shall not be obliged to release/allow Customer to take delivery of any Goods until receipt in full and in cleared funds of the full quoted price(s).

  5. Any and all applied for or necessary refunds of payment to the Customer/s shall be processed by Vitaminme in its sole and unfettered discretion on an ad hoc basis which refunds shall exclude any delivery charges incurred by Vitaminme when processing same.

  6. Customers may, in the sole and unfettered discretion of Vitaminme, be refunded a Rand amount equal to the value of the Customer’s first 90 (ninety) calendar days subscription less any and all costs incurred by Vitaminme in processing such refund (hereinafter referred to as the “90-days money back guarantee”).

  7. The 90-days money back guarantee is strictly and only applicable to each Customer once and in respect of a Customer’s first 90 days subscribed period in respect of Category 1 purchases and is not applicable to any further subscriptions processed  or entered into between Vitaminme and such Customer. The 90-days money back guarantee is not open to or applicable to any Category 2 purchases.

  8. A Customer must furnish Vitaminme with a valid reason in writing addressed to not more than 10 days beyond the Customer’s first 90 (ninety) calendar day subscription period in order to be considered for the 90-days money back guarantee.