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Avoid ‘vacation bloat’ and make the most of the holiday season

As we fast approach the holidays we should start to prepare to eat, drink and be merry! All while still looking after our overall health and well-being. The occasional overindulgence during this time is inevitable. In fact, we encourage it fully, you deserve it! However, we also recognize that sometimes it can cause you to feel bloated, and uncomfortable – which of course is not ideal, especially when slipping into your year-end function frock.

Keep your gut in check this holiday

Here are a few things you can do in preparation for the festivities and the onset of the silly season:

1. Take your VitaminMe Debloating + Digestion tablets every day

2. Stay active: Yes, even when you’re on vacay. Do 30 minutes a day of moderate movement, from fast walking to jogging or swimming

3. Avoid inflammatory foods (gluten, alcohol, processed foods and refined sugars). These foods tend to exacerbate digestive symptoms and inflammation.

4. Take in the right amount of fibre

5. Drink water – try for 2 litres/day

Enhance your gut naturally

VitaminMe Debloating + Digestion is a daily gut support that encourages and promotes a healthy digestive system, alleviates bloating, and helps keep you regular. It really is your holiday season sidekick, helping you keep digestive woes at bay while you enjoy the holiday festivities.

The key to a happy gut is what we put in it: Our Debloating + Digestion includes nature’s finest gut-enhancing ingredients – Fennel, Milk thistle and Turmeric

Fennel is a fibre-rich plant that is proven to help relieve the discomfort of bloating and other digestive issues. Due to its high-fibre content, fennel can help alleviate constipation, flatulence, and bloating by supporting optimal digestive tract health. Both the plant and seeds have antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that rid the gut of bacteria contributing to digestive discomfort.

Milk thistle is a naturally occurring herb that has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes optimal liver, digestion, and skin health by aiding the absorption of nutrients and the removal of harmful toxins.

Turmeric is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that assist with indigestion, bloating and skin health. Turmeric is also known for its ability to enhance skin health, and soothe acne and wounds through its de-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Eating fibre-rich and probiotic-packed foods is the first step towards achieving holistic gut health. But, there are other lifestyle factors that could halt your gut health success. These can include:

Food intolerances: If you are unaware that you are intolerant to certain foods (gluten, dairy, eggs, almonds and other nuts) this might impact your gut negatively as your digestive system is unable to break down these foods. Resulting in bloating, skin rashes, constipation and IBS.

 Stress levels (anxiety and stress can directly affect the digestive system by triggering the adrenal glands to produce excessive amounts of the cortisol hormone, which can lead to anything from stomach discomfort to diarrhea)

 Various medications can alter the composition of your gut biome resulting in an upset stomach, constipation, and digestive disturbances.

The most important part of the holiday season is to enjoy it with the people you love. Although indulgence is almost always on the menu, make sure you include a mix of gut-healthy foods and practices to keep you and your body feeling good throughout the festivities