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The secrets to Summer skin, hair and stomach success

Ahhhh, Summer (*deep, relaxing sigh). Summer vacation, little to no deadlines, and fewer obligations. Think cookouts, pool parties, beach trips, vacations and indulgence. An extended, Instagram-worthy holiday. Or is it? Sometimes, the ‘ideal Summer’ concept is a myth – most of us feel pressure to feel and look our best, especially when we’re in summer attire, including swimwear.

We believe it is entirely possible to enjoy everything summer has to offer: the warm weather, the longer days, socialising with friends and family and doing so feeling great about yourself, inside and out.

Here are some of the ways our team at VitaminMe recommends getting summer ready, in a holistic, whole body way:

Start your day off on a positive note

Creating a positive morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. Hitting that snooze button or scrolling aimlessly through social media are less than ideal ways to begin. Instead:

Wake up 15 minutes earlier

Resist the urge to hit the snooze button! Feeling rushed creates a stressful atmosphere. So waking up even 15 minutes earlier than usual can give you a little leisure time to help put you in the right state of mind. Top tip: Try VitaminMe Sleep + Anxiety to promote healthy sleeping patterns.

Start the day with gratitude

For example, start a gratitude journal. This adds to your overall happiness and creates positive vibes.

Stretch your body

This relieves tension and pain. It also helps increase flexibility and blood flow.

Nourish your body

Eat a healthy breakfast – which will boost your energy and also set in motion making healthy choices for the rest of the day.

Take your Vitamins

After you’ve filled your tummy with the good stuff, it’s important to take your vitamins and supplements. A Daily Vitamin is always a good idea, but there are so many more to consider.

Without stating the absolute obvious, during the Summer months our epidermis is exposed to more sun. We understand you want your skin to glow, but sun exposure can have a harsh and long-lasting effect on the skin. Ingestible beauty has pioneered skin health, and VitaminMe has the answer to glowing skin, without the damaging UVA/UVB rays. Skin Beauty + Health promotes blemish-free, radiant skin using the highest-quality natural ingredients like bamboo, turmeric and burdock root.

With glowing skin, the next summer ‘must-have’ is gorgeous hair and healthy nails. With exposure to chlorinated pool water, or salty sea air, our hair suffers. Treat it from the inside out with our Hair + Nails which has been formulated to enhance overall hair health, boost hair growth and increase volume, strength and shine. Biotin is the super-power key ingredient that improves the internal infrastructure of hair and nail cells.

Our hips don’t lie! Over-indulgence during the care-free Summer months are par for the course. So, it’s super important to support gut health.

Gut health impacts your entire body. A healthy gut supports strong immunity, brain health, heart health, improved mood, better sleep, and digestion. If there hasn’t been a strong incentive to achieve great gut health, then surely now there is!

Support your gut health this summer by adding plenty of organic greens and fruits to your diet, including probiotics and prebiotics. Increase your water intake, and add our Debloating + Digestion to your daily vitamin regime to alleviate that uncomfortable bloat and create optimal digestion.