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Daily Multivitamin: Don’t stumble into Fall

Winter might be the last thing on your mind, as you soak up the last of the summer sun, but, the colder days with inevitable coughs and sneezes which come along with it, are just around the corner. We’re not trying to wish away Summer. We just want to be prepared, and make sure we mitigate the onset of colds and flu, as we switch seasons.

So, what can you do apart from stock up on tissues and throat lozenges?

It’s all about increasing immunity

Our immunity is a finely balanced system designed to repel bacteria and viruses. If our response to these is too little we fall prey to whatever bugs are going around. On the contrary, too much and we risk developing autoimmune conditions. Hard to find balance much? VitaminMe helps you achieve that balance, and we do so by making sure our Daily Multivitamin has all the right stuff, in the right amounts – to give you peace of mind that you’re helping your immune system no matter the season.

Vitamin D-day!

All we need is about 15-20 minutes per day in the sun to stimulate our bodies to make enough vitamin D. But modern habits of spending too much time indoors, whether you’re home, at the office or covering up to save our skin, means that many of us are Vitamin D deficient. A contributing factor is that it is also difficult to get enough vitamin D from foods, and that is why our Daily Multivitamin’s key ingredient is The sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D.

Supplementation or diet?

Having a balanced diet is the cornerstone of good health – we know our bodies suffer when we eat loads of junk and we should rather opt for whole foods instead. But this isn’t always easy to achieve given how busy modern-day life can get.

As winter approaches, it’s worth reviewing your diet to ensure you’re eating the recommended fruit and vegetables daily, as well as minimizing less healthy options such as soda, confectioneries, alcohol, and fatty foods. Our daily multivitamin can assist in bridging nutrient gaps to ensure you achieve the daily vitamins and minerals your body requires to stay healthy.

VitaminMe’s dose of daily goodness not only boosts immunity in preparation for chillier climes but it also supports strong hair, nails and bones and generally puts some pep back in your step. It’s an all-rounder really, and it does wonders for your body as a warm up to winter.