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Love the winter skin you’re in

Winter isn’t just a season known for its crisp temperatures, stark snowfall and comfort food. It’s a time to hunker down, spend quality time with friends and family – and make the extra effort to stay healthy, inside and out. One of the areas of staying healthy during the winter months is skin health. Winter can be drying for our epidermis, and some special care and attention needs to be made to keep skin hydrated and glowing.

We’ve pinpointed a few crucial factors to bear in mind during the harsh winter months.


Perhaps summer’s antics have left your complexion slightly worse for wear. The beauty of this time of year is that we can dive into a skin renewal regimen using the heavy moisturisers and serums that do wonders for our skin in winter. We’re talking about repairing and renewing, but also swapping out the old and introducing some new key products.

Yes, we’ve heard it before, but if you’re looking for how to alleviate dry skin as we transition into winter, then adding a richer moisturiser is a quick and effective way.

As the temperature drops, so do humidity levels, which results in our skin losing moisture, due to the dry air around us. You can be proactive and outsmart moisture loss! How? By swapping your light cleanser for something a little more hydrating.

Boost Vitamin C

This wonder vitamin works overtime in the colder months and helps block the sneakier SPF rays that aren’t blocked by your sunscreen. Also, it evens out skin pigmentation and assists in boosting collagen production, resulting in a brighter complexion.

Once you’ve soothed and smoothed your post-summer skin, it’s time to help build up your skin’s barrier for winter.

Use a Serum

Serums are known as the skin’s thirst quenchers. They are here not only to add an extra boost of moisture and repair the epidermis, but they meet a multitude of skin care goals. They are our skincare besties. Find one with retinol and use it at night.

Still Use Sun Protection

While UV radiation is much higher during the summer, it’s still very much present throughout all four seasons and should be used at all times. Nothing lower than SPF 30 will protect your skin from the harsh effect of the sun’s rays.

Ingestible beauty is the way forward

You’ll often hear that beauty is only skin deep, and it’s what’s on the inside that counts. We agree — when it comes to ensuring healthier and more beautiful skin, it truly is the vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients that count.

The three ingredients for skin success

1. Bamboo

Bamboo contains up to 70% of natural silica. Natural silica helps build collagen, preventing skin from sagging and maintaining firmness. Bamboo also has natural antibacterial and antibiotic properties and acts as an anti-inflammatory, making it a powerful rejuvenation agent. This leads to a strengthened epidermis and seals in moisture, ensuring your skin stays hydrated.

2. Burdock root

Like bamboo, Burdock root also contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components, which may reverse signs of aging by reducing wrinkles while soothing eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

3. Turmeric

Packed with even more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components, turmeric provides a healthy natural glow and lustre to the skin. It doesn’t stop there! This herb contains curcumin, which helps wounds heal by decreasing inflammation and oxidation and is beneficial for soothing acne.

Vitamins are the key to getting youthful and healthier skin, as they work on all the layers of the skin, ensuring vital nutrients can penetrate each layer of the skin.

VitaminMe Skin Beauty + Health promotes blemish-free, clear, and radiant skin while relieving symptoms of breakouts and supporting radiance and glow, in summer, autumn, spring and winter.