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Glowing Skin: It’s an Inside Job

We’ve heard the expression before “happiness is an inside job.” Well, the same applies to achieving glowing, beautiful skin. There is a clear connection between our general health and wellness, and skin health. The better your health, the better your skin: healthy skin is a mirror to our overall wellness.

As we pay more attention to our internal care, we might just find that we need fewer and fewer external treatments. The secret to more youthful, radiant skin could be as simple as working from the inside out, and not trying to drink from the elusive fountain of youth. We hate to burst your bubble, but stumbling across this mythical spring is just not going to happen. However, there are plenty of other things we can add to our daily routines to keep the glow alive and feel the healthiest selves we can feel!

Let’s get our glow on with these top tips:


Yes, we have to move our bodies. The cardiovascular benefits of exercise are amazing, but there is another benefit that is actually visible to the eye – exercise promotes healthy skin! A workout pumps blood around our bodies, which of course improves circulation and blood flow to the skin cells. More blood flow = more oxygen. So dust off those dumbbells!

Water, Water, Water

It’s pretty simple: Drink plenty of water. Why? Dehydration affects how your body functions and causes skin to appear dull and dry. Skin cells are made up of a large part of water and as a result, need proper hydration to work at optimal levels. If you get dehydrated, you can see that dehydration in your skin. Dehydrated skin loses its elasticity and becomes tight, dry, and flaky. No thanks. The lack of elasticity hurts your skin’s ability to keep its shape, which makes the skin more prone to wrinkles. Again, a hard no.

Protect your skin from the sun

Sure, go ahead and enjoy all of your favourite outdoor activities. It is Summer after all. Just make sure you stay protected. Use a daily sunscreen with an SPF of 50 for ultimate UVA/UVB protection. Also re-apply every two hours, especially if you’re frolicking in the ocean or swimming pool. Sun exposure is sure to take away the glowing skin we all want to have, as well as increase your chances of skin cancer.

Eat well

Studies (and many of them) show that antioxidants help your body fight disease by reducing potential damage and inflammation. So, what does this have to do with getting glowing skin? Well, a lack of antioxidants affects the formation of wrinkles. Bring on the blueberries!

Add as many antioxidant-rich foods to your daily intake, such as spinach, raspberries, blueberries (as mentioned above), green tea or matcha. Foods high in healthy fats, such as fish, avocados, and olive oil also help to maintain a youthful glow, and all from within.

Get your beauty sleep

Sound, uninterrupted sleep is crucial to the health of your body. While you sleep your body repairs itself, and this includes any damage that has been done to your skin throughout the day. Get in those zzz’s for the sake of exquisite epidermis.

VitaminMe’s Skin Beauty + Health is a powerhouse product, formulated specifically to help you achieve a gorgeous glow, that shows on the outside, but it all starts from getting the right stuff on the inside. It’s ingestible beauty, and it’s the way forward.

Skin Beauty + Health

  • Bamboo

Bamboo possesses antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, which make it an effective rejuvenation and cell-growth aid, resulting in naturally moisturised and robust skin.

  • Burdock Root

Burdock root is rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial vitamins and minerals said to reverse the effects of ageing and alleviate eczema, acne and other skin conditions while also acting as a blood detoxifier.

  • Turmeric

Sourced from the root of Curcuma longa (from the ginger family), turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, enhancing the glow of the skin and reducing breakouts.