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Banish bad hair days for good- hair that shines in no time

The condition of your hair reveals a lot about your overall health. If you’re experiencing dry, thinning, brittle hair, your body may be deficient in certain minerals and nutrients that your hair needs such as calcium, keratin and folic acid. There is, in fact, a growing demand for health products that address this issue.

That’s why it was only a matter of time before VitaminMe, your go-to wellness range, would expand their product line and formulate a new daily regime all in one capsule, specifically to ensure a healthy head of hair.

Hair + Nails contains all the essential nutrients for hair maintenance, like Biotin (for stimulating keratin production, a protein making up the hair, skin, and nails); Zinc gluconate (which stimulates the oil glands around hair follicles thereby reducing hair-loss); and kelp powder (a good source of essential salts, calcium and iodine, which promote hair regeneration), as well as Vitamin B9 (folate and folic acid) for maintaining healthy cells.

With all these nutrients and more, Hair + Nails  will transform your thinning, dull hair into a healthy luscious head of hair that shines in no time.

Thanks to VitaminMe Hair + Nails your bad hair days will be banished to the past, leaving your locks voluminous and hydrated, resulting in more bounce, and less breakage. Order here, and follow our socials to find out about other exciting new additions to the VitaminMe wellness range.